Primmy Chorley: Another World

Primmy Chorley: Another World


Primmy Chorley’s textile narratives connect with many people, in many different ways; a universal connection with life and home exerting a deep emotional pull. Primmy’s ‘embroideries’, which she regards as her ‘wallpaper’, present us with a magical journey through a life.

“My work is a tool, a process I use to get out my good and bad memories – it’s a healing process. It is not that I am too proud or precious about my work, but I feel it is too personal to be apart from. My work is quite simply a diary. I like to make cherished pieces to enrich my home that require endless hours of work and patience and you cannot put a price on that. I love too to give pieces to friends as special gifts. As well as the original idea, the pieces I stitch gain narrative as they grow and I carry the work about with me, and things happen along the way. Then I can look back and remember how I felt on that day – that’s not something I want to part with – it’s a comfort and they are my companions."

Other people take photographs, their houses are full of markers ~ souvenirs ~ mementos ~ icons of memories of their lives ~ holiday snaps ~ heirlooms ~ my way of remembering is my stitching.

84 pages, Softback
Full colour, 225x210mm
ISBN: 978-1-905865-99-4
Ato Code: SQ7084860

Published to accompany the 2019 exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre, the centre for the applied arts.

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